The Dive Boat

The Duck is a 33 ft TollyCraft, it started its life as a 26 ft boat and was stretched to 31 ft. The other 2 is the dive ladder.
The stretching of the boat has placed the shaft drive props 4ft from the back of the boat, this makes it very safe for hot pickups and drops. It has ended up being a very interesting safety feature as a diver cannot engage the props while holding on the dive platform or climbing the dive ladder. I would like to take credit for this innovation but in fact it was a positive accidental outcome of the structural changes.
The Duck has the best dive ladder I have ever used in all my years of diving, a lift would be the only thing better. Beside the ladder is a prominent stanchion used for a hand hold and to secure Bailout tanks on a tethered line with hookups every 5 ft . This makes it easier for divers to don their tanks in the water.
The entire back deck 22 ft is enclosed with a canvas cover to keep divers out of the wind and weather, the sides role up when the days are sunny and warm. The benches were custom made to measure for Tech divers, they accommodate Single Tanks, Doubles and Rebreathers. As I dive a Rebreather it was important to ensure ease of access and donning the unit. There is space under the benches for additional tanks and gear as well as a trough at each station for small items. Dry goods are all stored forward in the cabin, like lunches, undergarments and cloths.

The Duck is up in Port Hardy with John Deboeck at the Hideaway Lodge. I am running a smaller boat out of Nanaimo capable of taking 6 single tank divers or 4 tech divers. Another new boat is in my future, the plan is to run two smaller boats capable of taking 12 divers. Unfortunately the diving reality in this area brings small numbers on a regular basis not large groups.

More to come stay tunned!

The Duck